Slowly Slowly – Alchemy [Official Music Video]

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You’ll be mine, get in my coffin
Give me a cross stitch on the wall, give me a garden
That grows forever always in bloom
Morning light and coffee cups; Alchemy your bones & blood

An hour late for 27
I have known you in my head, shaking lips and nervous red
You see me die, you see me trying
Scrape my knees down to the bone, fall asleep while driving home We’re making gold

But am I right? To shift my gaze
To see us holding hands in June? See me falling to you?
You’re the floodlight, I’m the asphalt
Morning light and coffee cups; Alchemy your bones & blood
We’re making gold

In the back of my head
there’s a spaceship theres a skip in
every step, I got stuck, tried to jump the wire fence
there’s more than one
more to come
more than anybody knows
and I’ve always felt I deserved less

We shut the blinds, tipped the scales,
hung from every picture rail
I read my script, from your palm,
wrote a million little songs
each one a piece from the jigsaw
we were pictured on
and I always felt I deserved less, and I always felt I deserved less
I still feel I deserve less

So I won’t lie and you won’t hide
and if I split myself in two I’ll just come running home to you
We’re making gold

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