Mayday Parade – Never Sure (Official Lyric Video)

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To be alone together just once again is something that is sure to happen sometime
And if my hands can’t stay on the table, if I find myself unable to look away from staring in your eyes
And the color of the sunrise inside
I promise that I’ll hold myself together and act like this isn’t killing me
I saw you once today
I painfully watched as you looked the other way
Afraid just to notice me standing there
You would make it obvious you don’t care
I won’t lie, I only love you for the heartbreak
I only love you for the give and the take
No, you know I want it
I’m in love with the thought of everything
I am lifted to a holy ground
And from up here can see a little of everything
And I can see you don’t want me around
I know how much that it makes you cringe to think about you and I as friends
Together forever until the end
After that you won’t have to see me again
And when I die, just rip my heart out from my chest
And put it in a mason jar left to rest on your bedside table
If there’s any hope alive after that, I would hold it like a newborn baby
And care for it like it was my own
Hey, you know, it looks kinda like me
And we’d still get chills every time we kiss
I will always promise this, that to you I will never tell a lie

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