The Dangerous Summer – Starting Over / Slow Down (Visual)

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The official track stream for The Dangerous Summer’s new single “Starting Over / Slow Down,” off their new album ‘Mother Nature’ out June 14th on Hopeless Records!


I was fighting nothing.
You’re so God damn impossible, it hurts.
I fall on the purpose and all my worth,
I’m at my worst now.
I was starting over,
I walk through the city and come undone.
I count on the seasons to fill me up;
They fill me up now.

And what if I need what I won’t share?
What if I run?
Will you meet me out there?

Now I’m six years older,
I walk past the feelings of giving up.
Spent days all alone out in Central Park;
it’s like I’m getting closer now,
but I’m still hanging over.
Still cut from the plight of a former love;
I swear that I needed it all.
I leave everyday with my faults.

Run away, I wanna run away.
A feeling that I couldn’t stop;
The seasons of fear that I’m gone.
Maybe I fucked it all this time.

I breathe in the open air;
all of my words will run out.
All of my nightmares are heavy,
I scatter them out on the ground.
You can see through my broken stare,
lost in the color of sound.
Even if I wasn’t ready, the silence is coming now.

I feel the weight of it, I feel them all.
I see the long road winding down.
I feel the pain in it, I feel it all.
I see it almost dying now.

And I slow down, I am so so down.

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