Stand Atlantic – Toothpick (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Stand Atlantic’s new single “Toothpick,” off their new album ‘Skinny Dipping,’ available now on Hopeless Records!

Directed by Brandon Lung


I wish our skin would meet
A sting I wish would bleed
Like toothpicks sliding under fingernails

Don’t you need a breath of air?
‘Cause you’re biting at my head
Like starving great whites feeding in the deep end

And I wish I was just as strong as I make myself out to be

I’m twisting my words to appear like this doesn’t burn
I’m staring at the sun, paper cuts are in my eyes
Shrinking our worth mixing fiction with crime
Like a substance I’m addicted to
Diving into the salt tides

I took you like a thief
A pinch that doesn’t leave
It’s like ice cubes grinding at your front teeth

And I miss you while you talk
A comforting sense of shock
Feels like silver caught inside a toaster

A fever that I’ll never break
‘Cause I keep pushing pills away
Just to see my body shake

Expensive red wine, I hate the taste
And how the slightest spill will stain
But I drink with you anyway


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