Save Face – “Yours”

Content Warning: The imagery in this video contains the use of both subtle and, at times, drastic color/light movement. Those sensitive to sudden light-to-dark cuts and/or color/light motion may want to watch with caution.

“Yours” by Save Face from the album ‘Merci’, available now.
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Director: Matt Bastos & Tyler Povanda
DP: Matt Bastos
Production Assistant: Connor Meany
Edit & Color: Chris Lundy

Come on in the water, swear it’s warmer than it was before. You know you’re more than welcome, go ahead and leave your clothes by the door. Will you worry when you start to find that you can hardly recognize your own face anymore?

So tell me ‘bout that water was it warmer than it was before? Overstayed your welcome, everybody’s gone, and it’s starting to pour. Do you worry when you say you’re fine? You couldn’t even recognize my face. Did it hurt to hear me say that I ain’t yours no more? ‘Cause it hurt to walk away knowing I ain’t your Love. No, I ain’t your Love no more. You know damn well why you can hardly recognize me.

I ain’t your Love no more.

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