OBSCURA – An Epilogue to Infinity

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I, I’m the bringer of light and glance into
Doom, resurrected in gloom
I enfold, as your destiny and blaze into
Fate, incarnated in grace into

A farewell to the stars, redeemer of the final abyss
A farewell to eternal spheres, deliverer of the solar eclipse

I, I’m the savior, liberator, destroyer
In eclectic sanctuary
I pass, within remnants of yore, neglect
A purified divine achieved

I, I’m the savior of light and glance into
Doom, I wander in gloom
And drown in ablaze of perpetual distress
Dissolving in aeons of perennial black mass
Chaos, distress, and wrath and death

Solo: R. Trujillo

Deliverance and Consciousness, aeonic destiny
Immanent and transcendent, where spirits reunite
A maelstrom of unity, eternal and divine
A farewell to infinity, each soul glorified

Music by Rafael Trujillo, Linus Klausenitzer & Sebastian Lanser
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer

Source: OBSCURA – An Epilogue to Infinity (Youtube)