John Floreani – Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead (Visual)

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The official track stream for John Floreani new single “Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead,” off his new album ‘sin,’ available June 7th on Hopeless Records!


(Pray for me).
There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you, Something on the tip of my tongue.
Something I saw in my old man when I was young. Will the water wash away the blood,
And everything that I’ve done?
How can I save my name when the fire comes?
I wanna make it to heaven, Before the devil knows I’m dead.
I don’t know how to tell you,
But where you’re going when you die – They don’t let the bad folk like me inside.
I know I promised forever,
But forever is a long, long time.
Can you stand to be alone in your afterlife?
I am simple,
My hands are quiet.
I’ve paid for what I did in the night.


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Source: John Floreani – Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead (Visual) (Youtube)