Envy on the Coast “Virginia Girls”

“Virginia Girls”, off Envy On The Coast’s latest EP ‘Ritual’ available now via Equal Vision Records.
Download/Stream: https://eotc.lnk.to/ritualID
Get your copy at http://envyonthecoast.merchnow.com.



come on, now you►re killing me
come on, how you leaving►
you gotta live where the sound was born
the sound that never sleeps
where it’ll shine, please stay with me
ride the tracks of the train out of New York City
won►t you►

(listen to my noise)

this is where I live
where the rich play dead
they don’t wanna be found, watch you from the crow’s nest,
draw a line between the need more and homeless.

so we make our own fun, doing the lockjaw laugh,
it’s not the promised land, it’s where I come from
so I tell myself not to ever forget
this is where i live
I►d never trade you for the west

I heard you’re moving out west with a new flame
heard the sun never shines, every day►s the same,
that should have lit you up like a cheap cigar,
why the long face, you came a long way just to play a part.

nevermind, I want another nor’easter
we need the bitter just to make the sugar sweeter.
listen to my noise, knife to both speakers
sever all ties, wipe the shit off of your sneakers.

‘Cause this is where I live,
I’d never trade you for the west.

I►ll be there at the wake and the funeral
I will help to carry you the whole way to the burial
the empty stares, coffers, and conversations ahead of you
belly aches, nothing to satisfy the void in you
when the bell rings, in creeps the sensation
loss of patience, at the station, east – west, split the nation
now I don’t need a handshake, blessings, or better wishes
if you trade me for the west, I choose to burn my bridges.

Directed by Envy on the Coast
Filmed by Brian Byrne and Luke DiCola
Produced by Envy on the Coast
Additional production by Chris Hoisik
Edited by Envy on the Coast and Jeremy Albucher

Source: Envy on the Coast “Virginia Girls” (Youtube)