Emarosa – Don’t Cry (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Emarosa’s single “Don’t Cry” off their album ‘Peach Club,’ available February 8th on Hopeless Records!

Directed, edited, and animated by Jessica Severn


Does it feel like I’m unstable does it seem like I am capable anybody else will tell you what you know but it’s anybody’s guess if you can let it go and it feels like we shake we break we crumble and you can’t stop thinking how it drives you mad crazy as it is you never hurt like that so don’t cry don’t cry won’t be the last time when you can’t feel nothin’ and it’s not so bad maybe all you needed was a better man so don’t cry don’t cry won’t be the last time does it feel right does it feel like somethings missing I can see the lies I can feel it even when we’re kissing tell me what it is and what I put you through cause if anybody touches you I feel it too doesn’t feel right break me hate me I just wanted your love


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Source: Emarosa – Don’t Cry (Official Music Video) (Youtube)