Creeper – Annabelle (Official Lyric Video)

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Annabelle we’re both going to hell.
You’re gonna love the clientele, the cheap rent and the climates’ swell.
Annabelle i’ve been drunk since half past twelve, don’t bring me down.

The world it seems to be ending constantly.
Between the smoking, drinking and getting high, i’d shed a tear if i could find the time.

God can’t save us
So let’s live like sinners.
Commiserations to your mum and your dad, my reassurances it’s not that bad.
You’ve got to live a little when their world just wants you sad.

Annabelle where the forbidden dwell, come lay me down.

The heavens are open.
The angels descending.
God bless you, undress you and this unhappy ending.
The underworld kids of the choir will sing
“Hallelujah! God has left the building”

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