Bars of Gold “$20”

“$20” is from Bars of Gold upcoming album, SHELTERS. Pre-order at: or digitally at


I was born in giant buildings
I grew up in giant buildings
I cut my teeth in giant buildings
Here come the knees
I was raised in automobiles
Learned to love in automobiles
I shit out cars and different ideas
Here comes the knees
You can make that high school sound
You can get stock answers
You can build a bright parade
Eat up all the apples that there
Eaten up by every mammal
Burn your flag they’re making new ones
My handprint it was the smallest it was a stupid kind of fear
In this space there stood a monster
A sailboat without a rudder
And without friends bones in the bottom
I hope they’re looking for me
Give me imagination
Give me some place to rest
I’m working it out. I’m making sense out of it
It’s already turned to shit. We’ll put a bullet to the rest

Source: Bars of Gold “$20” (Youtube)