ARCADEA – “Gas Giant” (Official Audio)

ARCADEA – Gas Giant (Official Audio)
‘Arcadea’ is due out June 16th on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.
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Caught in your cosmos a dream or conspiracy
Shooting through jet streams ammonium crystals surround me
Trapped in a tear of your atmosphere

I►ve gazed at great lengths through the storms of your red eye
The repeating feedback the thunder intensified
Falling through the neon lights

Decoded all of your dark grand intentions
Your plans to become a new star by invention
Stars are born to sacrifice

Challenge the terrestrial torch of this system
Your wisdom is burning a hole in the heat that you seek
Winds will wipe out everything

Acid rain falling like laser beams
Sulfur winds and then we►re sailing
Through magnetic static your mass collapse

Been around your worlds and I►ve found
Hydrogen rivers flow underground

I►m still caught in your cosmos
A dream or conspiracy shooting through jet streams
Ammonium crystals surround me Trapped in a tear of your atmosphere

Big and vast one gaseous mass of pride
Open up your crimson eye

See a new sunrise on distant horizons
You►re sinking in sulfur
While vapors are rising
A vision of imploding end is near

Mass collide unite form the night
Soon you►ll be the darkest night►
A black hole

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