Jeremy Zucker – End

Jeremy Zucker – End
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i should►ve seen this thru
but i knew how it could end
i guess things don►t change
i let feelings fade again
but i see u clear as day

and i won►t let go what i called a home unless
it slipped right through my fingers in the rain
but i►ve thrown it all over waterfalls

i►m staring at the clouds
you know i hate this weather
but we can work it out
i swear i could do better
if u let me
so we wait for things to change
i never thought that this could end
if I►m not with u
how could i fall asleep again

what►s wrong with the lights low
just tell me what it is u wanna say
cause in the end you understand
i►m already a world away

and i see you haven►t changed

cause this shit gets old
with a heart of gold u know
if i need u ill see u in my dreams
but i►ve thrown it all over waterfalls

Source: Jeremy Zucker – End (Youtube)