Isaiah Dreads – Going In (Official Video)

‘Going In’ – my new single taken from the Lone Wolf EP available now on links below #LoneWolf.

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Lyric Video:

I’ll spit bars to your mum, don’t believe me ’til I roll to your drum
2016 is the year of young
2016 is the year of Isaiah Dreads,
Bun money cos I’m doing this for fun
Twitter freestyles still popping on timeline
I been doing this since I was a little one sucking on my thumb, now I really do it different

Grime star rocking
Party popping
Spending a little
But I get a lot in
On stage spitting
Whole crowd mashing
Time is ticking
But you see me tocking

Can’t tell me about flows
Big bars can’t tell me about those
I be in the south west, me and my bros
Yeah I be in the south west me and my bros

[Pre-chorus x2]
Certain guys wanna see me fall
Certain guys wanna see me win
Certain guys wanna see me quit
I don’t give a damn cos I’m going in

I’m going in
I’m gonna win

Take out MCs for the fun
You you you you gone
Better yet I am the one
2 mixtapesout and I got another mixtape done

I ain’t even bragging
Back to the drum, write a song when I spazz out yeah I go dumb
If you wanna talk bars yeah I got a bunch
With the beats too, yeah I got more than some

Still on the mic, still do this right
Taking off but nothing like a nudist might
Bigger than the Eiffel
I’ll snatch the mic right out of your hand just to prove I’m nice

Fast like life is, up all night move lifeless
But I’m in tune with the mind
I don’t wanna do this wrong if I’m gonna do it man I’m gonna do it, gonna do this right

[Pre chorus]

Certain guys wanna hate on the dread and I think it’s just cos I’m better than them
Even your close ones wanna see you do so well but not quite better than them
That’s when the jealousy kicks in, that friendship needs fixing, straight up fixing
Guys who don’t wanna help me win like a good friend would, me and him ain’t mixing

Back to the bars, back to lab, back to the base, better know I come back with a bang
I give a girl air like max, I don’t care bout the trap, you’re trapped so stop that fam

I don’t rate your ting but I rate that back, anything I said I won’t take that back
Nah I’m joking… but I won’t take that back and the top spot yeah I’m gonna race for that cos

[Pre chorus]

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