Gemini (2 Sides)



Gemini (2 Sides)

Something out of fairytale The fairest of ‘em all, but you’re scary still What I’ve never seen before is the composure you possess Poised gettin’ coins but you know that you’re the sh*t Though you’re always on the fence with me

Gemini women they switch up the vibe with you Don’t try holding her hand, she probably hi-five a n**** Tried to figure you out, but you’re kind of tricky Ironic you like attention, but hides your feelings

Hi, I’m a Virgo with trust issues And I, think that Mercury’s fuckin with you And I, think that purposely flirtin’ with you isn’t workin’ I’m searchin’ to find your person, you’re just hurtin’ my pride My Gemini, now is you mine, or a mirage? A Gemini is the only sign with double sides So, if she give it to me now it’ll be a ménage

One queen 2 sides one me woosah Whole time you a whole vibe We can both shine. Gemini

Hide all your fears and smile at all of your friends Suppress whatever troubles you because you’re bothered with theirs I guess some other time I could try and make this legit, but I am chasing a twin that would rather chase a career, it’s love I respect you, it’s just, cannot accept what you say When you don’t say what you does And I ain’t sayin’, nor do I care who is there when I’m not I’m just sayin’ I truly care how you carry your heart Shine baby you are, spontaneous, smart, easily get bored Frequent change is the bomb, my emotional nomad Of course she be goin’ bad, so why would I toe-to-toe if I know it’s a toe tag, just know that, Horoscopes is horror scenes to me, believe what you see and it’s bound to be in your dreams, My social butterfly, she don’t empathize for the weak, If she and I one of two I must humble the one of three, me

One queen 2 sides one me woosah Whole time you a whole vibe We can both shine . Gemini

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